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Characteristics of Muslims when fighting

Hello ICloudzer friends, this time the admin will explain about the characteristics of Muslims when they are at war, and if you see these characteristics in a group, then surely they are Muslims

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Ready to die

Muslims believe that dying in war is a the highest value in worship, and the death of a Muslim in war is called jihad, and the virtue of jihad is very great in terms of the faith of the Muslim, the reward of those who die in fighting to defend Allah's religion is very great and some Muslims pursue the virtue of dying as These martyrs

Fleeing from war

The characteristic of Muslims in war is that they will not retreat or flee from the battlefield when they are faced with the enemy, except i backtracked only to set a strategy, and it is a divine prohibition that should not be done as Allah SWT says in the Qur'an, as follows

O you who believe, when you meet disbelievers who are attacking you, then do not turn your back to them (back off). Whoever turns his back on them (withdraws) at that time, except for turning to war (tactics) or wanting to join another army, then indeed that person will return with the wrath of Allah, and his place is the Hell of Hell. And very bad place of return (Al-Anfâl: 8 verses 15-16)

Info: And people who run away in the war are known as hypocrites and must be questioned about their Islam

Not afraid of threats

The next characteristic of Muslims in war is that they are never afraid when they get threats, the threat can be in the form of intimidation, fear of being scared by the weapons used when killing Muslims or others.

Because in any way a Muslim is killed as long as he dies because he has the intention of defending Allah's religion, his death will still be referred to as a martyrs, and obtain the happiness that Allah has promised to the martyrs who died in battle for helping Allah's religion.

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