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Real Instagram followers booster Telegram bot + Free (English version)

Hello IcloudZer friends, this time I will provide information about Telegram bots which is useful for you to use, which this bot will help you especially if you are an Instagram user

Tools For Instagram

Tools that can help you to increase real followers on Instagram, is a Telegram bot, Why Telegram bot? Yes because this Telegram bot supports or provides services for Instagram users, more precisely to help you add Instagram followers easily, by using this Telegram bot you can use it to increase your followers on Social Media (Instagram)

Info: This Telegram bot can be considered as a tool to increase followers on Instagram

How it works

The way this bot works is simple, add your Instagram account then everyone who uses this bot will follow you right away

In another sense this bot is a bot to promote an Instagram account to get a lot of followers , still confused?... Don't worry, below I will give more details


Well if someone has followed you then you will receive a notification telling you that someone has followed your Instagram account

For example, you can see an example like the image below

Bots have a minimum limit for someone to follow you every day The minimum limit is (Balance), and if the balance runs out then you have to collect (balance) so other users can follow your Instagram account

How to use

We will go into how to use it, okay, first find the bot, namely @likefollowbot or you can use the button below to just use it

Run the bot

Then run the bot with the command Start or /start, for example look like example below

Add Instagram account

Then you can add your Instagram account to the bot by sending your Instagram id or username

If your display is like the image above means that you have successfully added your Instagram account to be followed by other Instagram users

Start following someone

Now on a screen like the image below you can also follow someone's Instagram account

By following someone you will get more tokens or access like this , because you will get 10 tokens for free the first time you start the Bot

Send your location

You can also send your location to bots to determine or find users near or only near you

You can start submitting your location with the "Submit location " button Then you can press the Ok button as shown in the following example

Then your location will be sent automatically, so that later someone who follows you or you The follow will be at the location closest to you at this time, which is the location you previously specified

Use the /Help command

To use this bot access more fully you can use the /help command to check and use it

In it you can check or change your Instagram account or follow someone, etc.

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