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Telegram Bot for Converting Images into PNG Format + Auto Resize


I will provide info about bots, this time I will provide information about bots that can help you convert images into PNG format

Okay, the bot that I will recommend this time is actually the bot most Telegram users need to make a sticker, how can that be?

Yes, because when you create a sticker on Telegram, the image that will be used as a sticker must be in PNG format and must be 512px and have a size less than 512 kb

Name Bot

The name of the bot is Ez Sticker Bot, if you want to find it, send @EzStickerBot to the message Saved in the chat column

Info: Write @EzStickerBot in the chat field and send to Saved Messages, then Press @EzStickerBot that has been checked or sent to open it

Start running his bot

If you have started running the bot, then it will be as below

Info: You can find the explanation with the command /help or /info, BOT directly integrated by the language system that you use and supports various languages

Start the image format

If we already, we proceed using its features, just send the image that will be formatted into the form of PNG and the bot will respond

Info: You can forward the image that has been formatted earlier to the bot @stickers to make it as stickers to be eased or used for other purposes

@EzStickerBot is an equipment to help make stikers in the defense feature converting the image into the PNG format

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